Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Poor Boy's Tush

So this weekend was total crap...literally....my 3 yr old had a horrific case of diarrhea and we had just got him fully potty trained. So after 5 trips to the potty in 30 min and 2 pairs of underwear that had to be thrown in the wet pail with my 1 yr olds cloth diapers...we gave in and put him in a sposie.... :-( ... my poor lil man after the 7th trip began screaming that he had a booboo on him bum...he said "mommy my bum is red, I got a booboo!"... and every trip was marked with his screaming and struggling to get away from the wipes... its enough to make you want to cry all day. Whatever was tearing up his tummy was doing a number on his butt as well...we slathered him up with A&D Ointment (seriously the best stuff in the world) but normally when we put it on a raw butt as soon as it touches him he stops crying...sometimes even says Ahhhh....but this time...not this time...I was at my wits end....

We're doing the BRAT diet...for the day he ate waffles with applesauce to sweeten them a bit and white rice with sweet potatoes mixed in....his appetite has been rather behind and he doesn't like bland food...my DH ran out and picked up a package of Florastor® ( Florastor® is a Probiotic you mix with water or juice our pediatrician suggested to help with diarrhea) and asked the Pharmacist if the Omega 3 fish oil we have been giving him every morning could be the culprit....YES! Turns out Fish Oil can give you diarrhea...so we have stopped giving him that until we get this under control...We made him a drink with the Florastor® last night with dinner and this morning with breakfast...I am happy to say though, when my son got up this morning, he had gone in his diaper...when I changed him and cleaned him...he yelled out "it doesn't hurt! YAY!"...again...enough to make you laugh and cry all at the same time! So far so good today...no more episodes in the bathroom...lets hope we have this under control!